Fully-padded jumps & airbags, for both beginners & advanced riders

An Exciting New Family-Friendly Experience from The Factory Bike Park…

Fun, safe, & memories for a lifetime.

That’s right… From the same exact team that brought you The Factory 24 Hour Indoor Bike Park in Minneapolis, has now gone mobile with a new opportunity to RIDE all over our favorite state of Minnesota… Introducing Ride The AIRBAG! complete with two different sizes of jumps and airbags, for beginners and advanced riders.

NEW! Mini Rocker Course!

Kid-size bikes, adult-strength parts, and gold-plated trophies!

Upcoming Sessions

Open session style just like being at a skatepark.

Smaller Kids Airbag Notice:
Sessions often start with our larger airbag, with our smaller airbag being set up upon the arrival of interested participants. If you are planning to come to a session specifically to ride our smaller airbag, giving our team a heads up on our contact page is always appreciated!

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