Emergency Procedures

During all of our experiences, safety is our highest priority. This is why we learn on airbags! We have comprehensive emergency procedures in place to handle any unforeseen situations and ensure the well-being of all participants. Below are detailed guidelines outlining our emergency procedures:

  1. First Aid Stations: First aid stations are strategically located throughout most event venues. These stations are equipped with essential medical supplies and staffed by trained personnel capable of administering basic first aid. Our team is also equipped with basic first-aid equipment.
  2. Calling 911: In the event of an emergency or any situation requiring immediate assistance from emergency services, participants and staff are instructed to dial 911 directly. This ensures swift response and professional medical intervention.
  3. Emergency Contact Information: While 911 is the primary number to call in emergencies, our event organizers also have emergency contact numbers readily available.
  4. Incident Reporting: In the event of an injury or accident, participants or witnesses must report the incident to event staff immediately. Detailed information regarding the nature of the incident, location, and individuals involved will be documented for follow-up and reporting purposes.
  5. Medical Emergencies: For more serious medical emergencies, such as severe injuries or medical conditions requiring professional medical attention, event staff will promptly contact emergency medical services (EMS). EMS personnel will be directed to the exact location within the venue for intervention.
  6. Evacuation Procedures: In the rare event of a situation requiring evacuation, participants will be directed to designated evacuation points by event staff. Clear instructions will be provided to ensure a safe and orderly evacuation process.
  7. Communication Protocols: Effective communication is vital during emergencies. Event organizers will utilize multiple communication channels.
  8. Severe Weather Protocol: In cases of severe weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, lightning, or high winds, participants will be directed to seek shelter in designated safe zones until the weather improves. Event activities may be temporarily suspended or rescheduled based on weather advisories.
  9. Follow-up Procedures: After any emergency situation, event organizers will conduct a thorough review and analysis to identify areas for improvement and implement corrective measures as necessary. Participant feedback and incident reports will also be utilized to enhance future emergency preparedness.

By adhering to these emergency procedures, we aim to create a secure and responsive environment for everyone at the experience. Your cooperation and awareness of these guidelines are essential for ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. For any questions or concerns regarding emergency procedures, please contact our event staff for assistance.